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Welcome to Healing your soul! My work is to help heal people using Reiki. 

I also teach Reiki1, Reiki2 and Reiki Master courses and find great pleasure in sharing this beautiful healing modality with others. 


Arthi has a real gift for healing and Reiki. I had the opportunity to benefit from a remote session during the pandemic lockdown. I had received Reiki before so I knew its healing powers, but I had never tried it remotely.


Arthi started the Reiki session and even though we were countries away, I felt her energy as heat at very specific moments during the session! It was quite powerful. I will happily recommend Arthi’s Reiki - maybe start with in-person sessions first!

- Elina Koussis


I was lucky enough to be able to visit Arthi’s healing room. It lived up to its name. I came out feeling like new and I took that feeling with me for weeks after. Thank you Arthi for your gift of time and healing. I feel so grateful and inspired

- Sarah Wason


I enjoyed the clarity of Arthi’s Tarot reading and found it to be insightful. Later, I received her lovely, gentle Reiki and was left feeling relaxed and refreshed.


- Brian Dykes

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